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Originally Posted by GuidoK View Post
maybe but if you have a seiko skx007 (one of its cheapest automatic divers, costs? $200 new or so?) and you have one from 20 or 25 years old (I think its now 25 years on the market), I bet it sells for the same price or maybe even higher if its in good condition of course.
And its predecessor is way way more expensive (skyrocketed) but there's a 10 year gap between that, so that already becomes vintage (to use a vague word).

So its very model dependant, and not brand specific or budget specific (like that that only happens to very very expensive watches)
There are also some unpopular rolex or patek or VC models that loose substantial value the moment it's carried out the jewelers door.
right thats why i said high demand ones.
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