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Originally Posted by GuidoK View Post
I doubt that.
A fake rolex with 3135 clone movement also isnt cheap.
For that kind of money you can easily get a seiko with 6r15 movement, and I guess thats better than that clone movement. Clone movements usually have pretty bad finishing if you look under the microscope at the finishing of gears etc. And those clone movements dont are not made wiht the same grade of materials rolex uses for critical components, like very carefully formulated steel for for example balance hairspring etc.
And at that level Seiko can compete. Seiko is the only manufacturer that has the ability to make everything inhouse. So all materials and components.
Even rolex cant say that (I believe to extend it to the hairsping, rolex does make that component itself), seiko grows their own jewels and makes their own crystals, mainsprings, everything.
Rolex still relies for some parts on other specialist swiss niche manufacturers (I think all those components that rolex does buy come from swiss high end manufacturers). But still relying on other manufacturers for highly specialized parts is more rule than exception, patek and the likes also do that (obviously also from swiss only companies).
But Seiko is in that way unique.
And a clone movement.... you'll be sure that thats all bought on the world market..... for the cheapest of the cheapest price.
And its not really a clone movement, its a counterfeit movement, so an imitation movement.
Clone movement, like Eta style movments from for example chinese manufacturer seagull, are also seagull branded and usually of much much higher quality in both materials as accuracy and finishing of parts as skillness of assembly.

I'd never buy and wear a counterfeit watch (except maybe for a costume party that would require something like a very ugly and flashy rolex (gold yauhtmaster2...).
With a normal watch costing 500 or 1k, you usually get 500-1k of quality. With a counterfeit 'clone' movement, costing similar money, you dont get 500-1k worth of quality. You get the lowest quality the manufacturer still can get away with as there's no name or brand to keep up high.

Thats why lots of seiko's are dead reliable. arguably more reliable than Rolexes when it comes to keep ticking without being serviced. Seiko movements are real survivors (of course you can really only say that from old movements as time will only tell....)
Of course a 500 buck Seiko cant compete with a 5k+ rolex watch to the level where it's regulated and tweaked to precision (witch can require partly rebuilding the movement a few times to get it 100% right) to meet certain standards. Rolex obviously puts way more time into that than seiko. But who doesnt put time into that is the counterfeit factory.
You could have picked any other cheap quality movement and you went with a low end seiko? Outside of the Grand Seiko movements, the seiko movements are very cheap movements that costs significantly less to make than even those clone movements. Sure they are "reliable" but even if they tick forever, their average daily error rate is up to +25s/d.
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