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Originally Posted by mrs.boost View Post
Why do people like HUD? Every car I've ever driven with it I found extremely annoying. Like having something stuck in your eye lol.
You get used to seeing it. Those of us who like them, like them for a variety of reasons, but the most common reason is that you don't have to take your eyes off the road as much. I have short-distance vision issues, and the HUD makes the information it presents clear without glasses, so it's an added benefit for me.

Cruising down the highway and you want to scroll through an album? Shows up in the HUD, so no need to look down or to the right. Modern sound insulation and a stock exhaust making it hard to hear and feel shift points? The Tachometer is in your line of vision rather than downwards (on some cars that have the Tach in the HUD). After a while with them, you don't notice it as much and the information in it gets absorbed very automatically by your brain.

Stuff like that. I had the HUD in my 340 for a few years, and then lost it when I switched to my M2C 15 months ago. I still miss it.

Edit - also, i second the "because fighter pilot" answer. :-)

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