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Originally Posted by akkando View Post
I was not saying a BMW m car is better for the track than a race car.

There are good reasons to drive someone else's car at the track like not having to worry about putting it into a wall or prepping you street car for the track.

Why would you say someone who has taken their M car to the track is abusing their car?
I think there is a reason race cars need special components and extreme maintenance to do their intended job compared to road cars. I personally donít believe you can have an utterly reliable road car if you take it to the track as well. Cars are property and everyone should do as they wish. Thatís what toys are for. Just donít blame anyone but yourself when you set it on fire after a day or many days of non stop pushing a car to the limit.

I donít blame them for not wanting to cover people, I guess is the point. BMW would void your shit too if youíre abusing the car and making a warranty claim. Itís simply a smart business decision.