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Originally Posted by ssabripo View Post
well put

I wonder how many of these points also apply to Dinan's "warranty"
Iím curious as well.

From my convo Ron made it clear as long as you donít alter the car to work outside itís designed parameters like adding DPs or abuse the car at the track or what not, youíre covered.

Iím of the mind that I would never track a personal car especially my DD, nor do I want my car ever smelling like poison,but I know others are different.

The change in the vehicle is just remarkable. The power gain is far more then any tune for f8x Iíve ever felt with DP and a bunch of other BS mods, so to me the decision simply came down to the fact that I didnít hav to change anything and they have a warranty.

The speed and power is great but even more notable, the traction control is SO much better, the top 4 gears feel longer and the car simply feels like an entirely different machine.

I get that itís new. But the truth is the tune has far exceeded my expectations, and I have faith in the team behind it. These guys have been around the block and clearly have the most superior tuning option available.

Another forum member drove with me today and his jaw was on the floor.

A year or 2 from now weíll all be laughing at the people using the subpar options to save a couple grand. This is a game changer.