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Noelle Warranty: Requires Crank Hub Fix

Last week I heard about the Noelle tune here. I already have the basic Dinan plus tune, but when I found I could get 500+ whp without losing a factory matching warranty and without a Dinan branded intercooler, I had to investigate.

I found a local reputable shop that was a Noelle dealer, told them of my Dinan tune, and inquired about Noelle. The shop told me there was no issue. I could keep my warranty and they could tune without removing the ECU from the car. So, I made an appointment for January 2nd.

A few days later, the shop emailed and indicated there would be a delay. Noelle needed to ship them a special $16,000 Bosch DME tool, of which they only had 2 in the country, in order to program the latest locked ecus. That was okay with me, so we moved the install to January 6th.

Today, I got an email indicating that, because I had an S55, I would also need to have a crank bolt capture installed. This was where I draw the line, I will be sticking with my Dinan tune and going back to my original plan of finding a way to remove the "DINAN" logo and wordmark from the Dinan intercooler.

In summary:
  • To my knowledge there is no 'key' BMW has given to Noelle out of their affiliation with Alpina, they just use a very expensive Bosch tool.
  • If you want the Noelle tune with a warranty, you also need to install a crank hub bolt capture.
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