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Originally Posted by Hegge View Post
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Saying the M2C is a bargain compared to the M2CS is legit. . . comparing the M2CS to the M8 is not. I doubt there are many, if any, contemplating an M2CS versus an M8 at this moment.
Well I think the M2 CS is a lot less than the 911 Carrera S at $130k plus with reasonable options. I'm not interested at all in a M4 or M8. I can't do GT4 because I need an automatic. M4 and especially M8 are just too big.

I do understand as I wish the M2 CS base was high 70's at say $77 or $78k.
Do you think the M2CS is comparable to the Carrera 911 S?

You are comparing apples to oranges.

The best comparison for the M2CS is the M2C, and you aren't getting what you pay for with one, and a lot more with the other.