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Originally Posted by deceptiv.M3 View Post
In a similar boat as you but with an m3 instead. I think this car has at least s2000 CR potential, IF they actually only produce 466. In the 5-10 years how many low mileage examples are going to exist?) s2000 crs go well over i saw one sold the other day for 76k with 10k miles so someone bought that car in the 40s- enjoyed it for ten years by weekend driving and they flipped it for 30k profit? The comparison to the m3 cs line doesn’t make a ton of sense to me because they are so similar to the m3 comp but the m2 cs has substantial differences from the m2 comp.

Not to mention we might not see another m2 until 2023 at least and with the way bmw design language is going... could be another factor
I wouldn't buy a car on the hopes of making money ever. Frankly money in any conservative investment will do better. If you are excited by the car and the idea of it holding value sweetens the deal, great. However, I wouldn't purchase around the pricing. I think the CR comparison is reasonable relative to the M2C moreso than the 1M comparisons. It'll be years before that is known though, and that's a long game to play. Again, buy it if you love it.

Regarding the later comment here about open allocations and buying below msrp. We'll see. I'm sure there will be a few discounted. But open allocations and unsold cars discounted months after they are delivered to the states will be the truer test.