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Originally Posted by ///AVM View Post
THOUGHTS, you ask . . .

The M2CS ainít no 1M.

1M was a one-off.

The M2CS ainít no one-off. It is an over-priced M2C.

Moreover, BMW ainít stopping at the F87, as the G87 is just around the corner.

I said it many times before . . . BMW does not dictate what is Ďspecialí by slapping a Ďlimited editioní tag on it. Enthusiasts dictate what is special, and they have already spoken . . . the M2C is special and BMW is trying to ride its own coattails with the M2CS.

Those are MY thoughts . . . glad you asked?

I buy what I like and want, not what I think others like and want. . . or how much someone else MIGHT pay for it some number of years down the road when it is, as JC states, an obsolete motorized appliance.


P.S. apologies to Dave, SDH and the like . . . been a while since I came up for air. I will re-submerge.
Tell us how you really feel in all seriousness there is much truth to this. The 1M was a parts bin hodgepodge that "shouldn't have happened." And that's what gave it instant cool factor. Combine this with a price tag that allowed all the peasants to drive one and it's a recipe for success.

It's the peasants that create the fervor that launch things into desirability. You need numbers to drive momentum. Do I think the 1M is truly collectible? Nope, it's just increased in value because of created buzz and it's still in peasant pricing territory. A $20k gain over 20yrs for a 50k investment is a shitty investment. A 20k gain on an unpredictable depreciating asset is just winning a small lottery. I wouldn't consider the powerball an investment strategy.

The M2C will be the car that gets the attention because, you guessed it, it's going to be cheaper than the CS and provide more bang for the buck. It will be more affordable to a larger audience. The CS will hold value to a much smaller audience. The reason why the current CS buyer's are not buying a C? They want a CS.

There's a difference between collectible and desirable.

If your planning to buy a CS for collectability or desirability, then your buying for the wrong reasons

And don't get butthurt about the peasant reference. Everyone is a peasant to someone else.