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Originally Posted by JacobBMWMC View Post
Gents here is the deal.

Purchased the M2 Competition September 2019 for about $62k, HS Manual. Currently, it is rarely driven and has about 6k parked away in the garage corner (Toyota Tundra as the daily). Financed through BMW at 0.9% and have about $34k left on the loan.

I let the local dealership know that I might be interested in the M2 CS when I purchased the M2C. They called a few days ago and said they received an allocation and I had until the end of the week to decide if I wanted to move ahead. Here is their offer:

Trade-In M2C $49k
M2CS MSRP ~85k

Can we confirm the U.S. market is for sure only getting 466 M2CS and that the M2 lineup will end production soon? If so that would make this 2X more rare than the 2011 1M. I'm only interested in the M2CS if its worth the collection standpoint; meaning I would never drive it and only look at it with the expectation of dramatic appreciation in 7 years. What's the consensus on the M2CS becoming the collectors M2 when this is all said and done?

I'm still keeping an eye on the upcoming C8 Z06 with its anticipated first American made 650HP flat plane crank V8 starting in the mid $80s. However, they will produce a ton of those as opposed to 466. Thoughts?
THOUGHTS, you ask . . .

The M2CS ainít no 1M.

1M was a one-off.

The M2CS ainít no one-off. It is an over-priced M2C.

Moreover, BMW ainít stopping at the F87, as the G87 is just around the corner.

I said it many times before . . . BMW does not dictate what is Ďspecialí by slapping a Ďlimited editioní tag on it. Enthusiasts dictate what is special, and they have already spoken . . . the M2C is special and BMW is trying to ride its own coattails with the M2CS.

Those are MY thoughts . . . glad you asked?

I buy what I like and want, not what I think others like and want. . . or how much someone else MIGHT pay for it some number of years down the road when it is, as JC states, an obsolete motorized appliance.


P.S. apologies to Dave, SDH and the like . . . been a while since I came up for air. I will re-submerge.