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Originally Posted by adc View Post
This is the crux of it all. Very well said.

When I am at the track and it starts to rain, do all the GT3’s and GT4’s envy the fact that I put my PS4S “rain tire” on and go have fun on the track? Of course they do.

When it’s dry, do I envy that extra special driving interaction the GT3/4 has compared to my M? Of course I do.

Having inbuilt rain tires is great when it rains but when it doesn’t I do have to muck around with changing wheels. Do I envy the “arrive and drive” ease of a GT4? Of course I do.

When I take my family out on weekends and both my son and I terrify my wife on the twisty bits, am I having the cake and eating it too? Of course I do.

Incidentally due to very practical considerations I could own a GT3 but not a GT4, since to make it up the driveway the car needs to have sufficient clearance or a front end lift. Sooo many things go into making a buying decision...
Great comment. And I think the fact is, we are all driving (M's, GT's, BMW's, Porsche, etc) pretty damn fantastic sporting cars no matter what and getting wound up about the variation between them is missing the bounty already in hand.
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