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It really feels like there's plenty of cars up for grabs two local dealers (that I work with not necessarily closest) each have 2 and won't sell for MSRP and I can get that elsewhere. One of the two may lose a sale altogether as they have my pending M2C ED order. That said, I don't think I can live without the heated wheel, and without ED I'm kind of starting to spit on BMW altogether. I get Covid isn't their fault...but if they won't hold out as long as needed to let me go on the ED, I may just walk from them altogether.
Damn. Sorry to hear, I had my deposit in back in Feb, when I heard the last day to order and get ED was May 18th I almost cancelled my deposit for the CS and ordered the Comp. I'm glad I didn't now. I would be so mad. Anyways I was 4th on the waitlist so didn't get a CS . Went looking and found an unclaimed allocation (mine now)