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Originally Posted by Avaley View Post
None of these comparisons are really apples to apples.

2021 M2 CS DCT vs GT4 PDK would be closer.

Even more interesting will be the 2023 M2 CS on the Z4/Supra platform with the S58 twin turbo vs a 2023 Cayman GT4 flat six...both would also be interesting with a hybrid performance motor to the front wheels while getting the new engines most power to the rear...

By '25 600whp will be the norm on these cars after tunes and at that point it makes mechanical sense to put power to all wheels for traction like the upcoming G87 M4 CS and sadly i think that pure RWDs aren't great for businesses...thus the limited 200 unit 2023 Supra GRMNs will be RWD with S58s and BMW 7DCTs.

More and more the manufacturers are offering only offering "lite" versions with RWD manuals so they can price their flagships higher.

Either way we the consumer win because 3.0s 0-60 will be where the automakers will have to compete at for a ~$100k flagship 2 seater supercar killer...
The Supra is getting the S58? I don't think so. Also, why is DCT vs PDK a better comparison vs manual?