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Originally Posted by HeelToeShift View Post
Totally and completely agree. I bought a GT4 for the naturally aspirated motor and sublime manual and a driving experience that only a GT3 manual or Touring can rival.
Some turbo motors are great, but I still heavily prefer a manual N/A car and they are not going to be around much more. Turbo motors will be around for quite a while and with the exception for the few I truly like, they are largely boring and sound bad.
I also have my name down on a GT4 RS because as much as I enjoy manual, PDK really shows you what the pinnacle and epitome of a dual clutch is and really donít care much for the ZF8 that is proliferating every car. Nothing special about it if youíve driven a good dual clutch.
Originally Posted by BigHunk View Post
M2 CS with 450hp is almost the same as 5year old GT4 with 390hp, situation is much worse for M2 CS if you compare them on the track.
Of course. But I'm also fully aware I'm no whatever a PDK cuts off from my PR isn't nowhere near what a Pro's PR will be, and I've fully accepted that. If anything, I think throwing in manuals back into Pro racing would actually make things that much more interesting to see whose able to not only manage tires and gas, but whose capable of getting their heel-toe right into each corner, every single lap. I think that'd make for more exciting racing.
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