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Originally Posted by to_riffic View Post
Didn't really care who won, but it was fun watching them lose inches each time they changed gears. Having a 6speed in this day and age isn't about outright performance, absolutely still there, but just more about engagement...
Totally and completely agree. I bought a GT4 for the naturally aspirated motor and sublime manual and a driving experience that only a GT3 manual or Touring can rival.
Some turbo motors are great, but I still heavily prefer a manual N/A car and they are not going to be around much more. Turbo motors will be around for quite a while and with the exception for the few I truly like, they are largely boring and sound bad.
I also have my name down on a GT4 RS because as much as I enjoy manual, PDK really shows you what the pinnacle and epitome of a dual clutch is and really donít care much for the ZF8 that is proliferating every car. Nothing special about it if youíve driven a good dual clutch.