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Originally Posted by AlterZgo View Post
Sadly that hasn't changed in the new GT4 and will never change. I understand Porsche wants to create distance btw the 911 and the Cayman/Boxsters but why do that at the expense of completely ruining one aspect of the driving experience? Watching videos of people rowing through the gears of the GT4 is painful and ridiculous to see how high they are geared.
Not meant to be abrasive, but have you driven a 718 GT4? I own one. The torque on the car is monumentally better than the 981. The gearing is not an issue in this car whatsoever. And just deleting the OPF filters adds another 32 lb ft at 2400 rpms (and power and torque all the way through the rev range). The area under the curve is great with one of the best torque curves for N/A engines Iíve seen or felt. It never feels like itís lacking for torque , and the engine power is still rising as you hit 8000 rpms where most N/A cars start to flatten out or decline and turbo engines lose steam way sooner.
This car is plenty fast and on the track it is absolutely a blast and puts down some seriously fast times that rival or better cars with much more power. On top of it, the manual itself is to die for. The top end of of this car is mega.
Furthermore, for comparison:

991 GT3: first gear 52 mph, second gear 82 mph And no one complains here.

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