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So are the options still the same?
1) CCB
2) Gold wheels
3) DCT
4) Cup 2 tires

Anyone working at the dealership can verify this? Thanks
Options are:
Alpine white
Black sapphire metallic
Misano blue metallic
Hockenheim silver metallic

6 speed or DCT


Black or gold wheels (style 763m)
Cup 2 tires are an option on the wheels.

I'd post the ordering guide but I feel like it would get deleted.
Do you happen to know the base price? Thanks
The price is still blocked for everyone through our system.

And yes we are marking them up pretty hefty. One is accounted for and I don't want to say what that customer agreed for on the mark up.
Let me take a wild guess; he overpaid between 20 to 25k above sticker, right? 'Wink' emoji if I'm within the ballpark 😉

No doubt, it's an awesome, all-round package and one I would not hesitate to buy, had I been in the market but in all honesty, you really must have more money than brains, if paid a penny over sticker for one, in what is practically a parts-bin mashup of an M2C and M4 with a Competition package but I guess that's the magic of marketing.

The whole appeal of the 1M, which we can't help be compare this to, is for what you had gotten for the money.

For under 50k USD, you had a bite-size, full-bread, bespoke-ish M car, for what felt like the bargain of the decade. It almost came off as potential buyers was getting over on BMW, in comparison to what you got for the cost.

For comparison, I had a fully-loaded 135i, concurrent with the 2011 MY as the 1M and even the MSRP on that standard 1 Series was slightly higher than 1M's official asking price.

With the M2 CS, BMW now seems to be making up for loss potential profit, by charging full price of admission - and then some, for one..

Value to price, 1M this is not.

Currently, there are only two BMWs that actually appreciates in value; the Z8 & the 1M.

I'm anxious to see if this CS makes it to No. 3 on that exclusive list but I would certainly not bank on it and pay over sticker, with expectation of it as some sort of investment, which would pay off dividends, later down the line but then again, I'm not a gambling man, who doesn't have money to burn, so what do I know... 🤷🏻