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Ok, so to complicate things.....

I had a talk with my SA this evening before he left work.....he works at one of the local BMW Dealerships in the DC Metro area which includes Maryland and Virginia. Please don't ask me which!

Well, he told me his dealership received 7 allocations for the M2cs????? He double ck'd while I was on the phone and that's what was in the system. How is this even remotely possible? He couldn't explain?

I'm deciding on whether to pull the trigger on one or not? I'm definitely on the fence!

Thinking the whole limited edition/production thing is going to go out the window???
Is it possible that one owner has multiple dealerships. For instance Hendrick BMW of NC received two allocations. They have two dealerships in town. There could also be some dealing already behind the scene where they have traded inventory for more CS cars. Or they straight up got 7. In that area could they be military or other special program cars?

It's still limited, but don't waste your time if expecting it to increase in value. It's going to be tough to beat for fun factor and four seats. However, there are more practical 4 seat performance cars, and more capable used cars in the price range.

There are those that place more value within a dollar, and those that place more value within a minute. I believe the time spent within the CS will be very full of enjoyment.
Yes, I definitely know what you mean about the dealerships owning more than 1....however, that's not the case around here. They are all owned by different groups.

It's really a head scratcher for me? I just can't believe it...but, he literally ckd and double ckd and called in his manager who verified!

So, I dunno? I'm tempted to call around the other local BMW Dealerships to see what they got?

Yes, totally agree that getting a M2cs should be done for pure enjoyment and not in hopes of turning a profit down the road!