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Originally Posted by medphysdave View Post
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Ok, so why do we think this is the first wave and not the only wave of allocations?

Why would there be another round of allocations if 466 is the number coming to the USA?

Are we expecting to pickup many more than 466 out of the 2200?
From info obtained back in May about number of US allocations. Spot on for current numbers.

Germany - 500
Belgium / Lux - 131
Canada - 120
UK - 104
Australia - 70
France - 70
Japan - 60
Spain - 47
Italy - 44
Netherlands - 30
Bulgaria - 4
US - 435 [348 + 87(# of high volume M dealerships)]*
China -
South Africa - 30
Switzerland -
Ireland -
Cyprus - 1
Mexico -
South America (Brazil) - 20

Total: 1,566* / 2,200 (maybe?)

It's looking like the original leaked rumor of 350 to 450 units is correct for the US. I get a range of 435 to 463.

That puts the updated number to 1596. Still 600 units shy of 2200 units. Im certain this list is missing some countries.

Suspicion is that the plant will produce US models through the plant shutdown in October, which likely leaves enough capacity to make more units, but the 466 US allocation is right on from the source that stated everything is on track with no changes to production.

We think it's the only round of allocations because the numbers are consistent with previous rumor, but more in the works also makes sense if BMW wants to hit 2200 units because I think they are shy of this figure. My guess is that they would evaluate markets that want more, and if there is still production capacity at the end of the run before 12/31 they would pump more out.

It's still comes down to production capacity. This plant is still producing cars that sell in much higher volume.
Ok, so to complicate things.....

I had a talk with my SA this evening before he left work.....he works at one of the local BMW Dealerships in the DC Metro area which includes Maryland and Virginia. Please don't ask me which!

Well, he told me his dealership received 7 allocations for the M2cs????? He double ck'd while I was on the phone and that's what was in the system. How is this even remotely possible? He couldn't explain?

I'm deciding on whether to pull the trigger on one or not? I'm definitely on the fence!

Thinking the whole limited edition/production thing is going to go out the window???