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Originally Posted by Turbomeister View Post
Its a true limited edition model , it isnt like the 1M or M4 CS . Most of the times the factory stays loyal on this , and doesnt change the plans due to demand .
When I ordered my 1M in 2011, I was told that 41 cars would be made available over here. In the end over 160 were allocated over here. I didn't care about the numbers - I wanted to enjoy driving the car (which I also did). But true that the initial "2700" figure was not mentioned in 1M press materials. As we know, in the end 6309 1M cars were produced instead of 2700.

A couple of years later, the F82 M4 GTS was quite a different story. BMW flaunted "700" and "limited edition" in press materials, promoting exclusivity. The M4 GTS brochure indicated: "In fact, the top performance of the new BMW M4 GTS only knows one limit: the limited number of just 700 vehicles worldwide" (see here):

High demand by dealers, greedy speculators and genuine customers likely induced BMW to break its "just 700" promise. 803 were sold (830 were made, including pre-production, press and demo cars) (see here and here). Speculators (coin flippers) found out rather quickly that a 981 Cayman GT4 'let's make a quick buck' frenzy wouldn't materialize with the M4 GTS. Indeed, it didn't bode well: even today several low mile M4 GTS cars are still sitting around with a 'For Sale' sign. Again, genuine customers don't care: they prefer enjoying their cars - that's usually the main reason why they bought the car in the first place.

The M4 GTS production increase wasn't announced - it was discovered, and not quite appreciated, to say the least (see for example the dedicated thread here).

To add insult to injury, subsequently BMW introduced the M4 DTM Champion Edition ("limited edition"): 200 cars with an even higher price-tag. Actually, it was an M4 GTS with a different aero package, some added BMW M livery and a funky name (see here): "The M4 DTM Champion Edition is basically the second coming of the M4 GTS, which wowed the automotive world last year with its awesome water injection technology. As you'd expect this car is rarer than the one it's based on, with just 200 units set for production; the M4 GTS had a production run of 700 cars. Another thing that sets the M4 DTM Champion Edition apart from the M4 GTS is its price: €148,550 ($163,376). The M4 GTS was sold for $134,200, with the markup for the new car likely owing to its collectible status. That's the only conclusion we could come to as the two M4s are basically the same." (here).

As M4 CS and M3 CS production targets were 4-digits (3000 cars for the M4 CS and 1200 cars for the M3 CS), BMW refrained from labeling those "Limited Edition". No production figure in press materials. Same goes for the M2 CS: press materials don't mention the recurring "2200" figure. M2 CS production was delayed because of the COVID-19 situation. The final figure will be known someday in the future.

Anyways, "limited edition", what's in a name ? In a way, in the grand scheme of things, any car model production is 'limited' in production time and quantities.
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