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Because is not confirmed doesnt mean it is false . Also , why not confirmed , its on the online system , and each dealer knows already how many allocation they can secure. Its already confirmed that all M2 CS in the world will be produced before 2021 kicks. Already in EU , this month is the last one. Each dealership in Europe delivered their cars already to most of the customers. Now its just
The US and some other parts of the world , i would guess around 600 cars remain to be produced.
Since 466 has not been officially confirmed as the end number, it's false to declare that BMW "won't change the plans due to demand". Also, you're contradicting yourself. You're asking "why not confirmed" and then using the word "guess". Let that sink in.

Is it probable that 466 is the end call? - Yes. Is there any indication that confirms 466 as the end call? - No. If history is anything to go by, then it's 50/50 odds at this point.
We can only predict at the moment ofc . Thats why we are here , to discuss . No one knows the final numbers , sometimes are less sometimes can be more . It just doesnt make sense in the case of the M2 CS , buuuut , i guess we have to wait 3 months to see the final numbers !