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Originally Posted by sdhotwn View Post
Full run rate for the factory I believe is around 1000 M2 cars a month for the world based on previous yearly sales (13k in 2017). Around 40% went to the US before. So if they converted half of all US bound cars to CS's for all of October, November, and December, they could produce about 600. You can play with the numbers how you want, but they have to finish up on CS's by 12/31. You also have to keep in mind the rest of the supply chain and gymnastics associated there. It's not like you can just call up an injection mold shop and ask them to run off an extra 100 parts for next week. Takes lead time to do it, and there is cost to factory interruption and changeover etc. (I work in mass white goods manufacturing with automated lines, and have numerous automotive suppliers that I have worked closely with).

So 466 may or may not be the final number, but it's doubtful that it'll be hugely different this late in the game.
Sdhotwn is correct. The CS is a 2020 model year car only. All of the allocations have to be built prior to 12/31.