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Originally Posted by devo View Post
2200 world wide is what BMW is telling dealers as told by my sales person today. Production for US starting Sept. All cars will be MY2020 regardless of build date and/or delivery date. Number of US cars is unknown at this point.

I'm sure some or maybe all this info has been posted although I could not find it. Take it for what it is...
The 2200 figure also featured on the flyer posted in May 2019 over here at Bimmerpost ("Volume: 2.200") (months before the official M2 CS launch in November 2019):
Originally Posted by MadViper View Post
Updated May 20, 2019: Info on bulletin has been confirmed by ynguldyn

Regarding the EURO-spec M2 CS:
Originally Posted by MR. View Post
13. Production numbers of the CS are unknown at this stage. It could be 2200, but also a whole bunch more. They will make as many as they can. Cars are in production now and the EOL (end-of-life) is October. European cars are build first so that they have a CoC before end of August since the S55 engine is not compliant anymore from September onwards.
(CoC = Certificate of Conformity)

Heard through the grapevine a couple of months ago: October 31, 2020 as cut-off date (EOP) for the EURO-spec M2C and M2 CS ("M2 und M2 CS laufen am 31.10.2020 aus für Europa (WLTP Version).").
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