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So, my knowledge is likely limited about this, but I thought the M Sport and M Performance Exhaust were different.
For e.g. when I ordered my M3 Comp, the ordering guide did not have an option for MPE (; however, at the dealer, I could build it with the MPE, CF parts, SS pedals etc - the stuff which gets added at the very bottom of the window sticker. I always thought these were port installed; did not realize they were installed at the factory.

Was wondering if similar options have been available to anyone who has ordered a US spec CS so far.

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There's no mention of any exhaust on the ordering guide. The only time I've seen that done is the M40i/M50i/M Competition vehicles which specifically have one listed as 1MA - M Sport exhaust system in their guides. The only options are wheels/tires, ccb and DCT. There are never any port installed options since the vehicles never go through that process, so they still could be options for US orders.