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I test drove my M2c immediately after testing an M3 and it was so much more engaging to drive. The same week I drove an RS3, a 911s, AMG C43, and an M340i and only the comparable or rather better ride (that I could discern from short test drives) was the Porsche. The 911 was 25k more than the M2c (and a gorgeous blue) but the real deterrent was way my iced tea cans just rolled around on the back seat Willy-nilly. So naturally I optioned the can-massage feature and went with the M2.
IMO The AMG isn't even worth the test drive. The Audi is not bad if you are into the ugly stealth look. The 911 would be my choice if I could afford it. But before I got a M2CS, I'd probably get the Audi TT RS. It's faster than the M2CS or my M3C and is much more nimble and is probably the fastest car in its price range.
I've actually thought about replacing my M3C with the TT RS as my daily, since we've got the SUv for bigger family trips and my kids are only in my M3C a couple of times a week - although they wouldn't be very comfortable in the back of a TT RS (they are 10 and 12 and it would be even harder in another couple of years) - they already complain about how the back seats in the M3C aren't as comfortable as our Lexus SUV my wife drives.

I want a smaller more sporty daily for myself, that can pull kid duty a few times a week and some shorter family drives. I really like the look of the CS but can't justify the price. TT RS in the other hand are priced just under/equivalent to M2C, but the M2C has crap interior vs the CS and my full merino leather M3C.

Basically, I'm down to keeping the M3S or get the TT RS (unless they M2CS is heavily discounted - which isn't going to happen in my area at least since between them the two dealerships in town are only getting 4).

The plus from the switch to TT RS for me, it's AWD and we pretty much have winterish weather 8 months out of the year. It turns on a dime and sticks to the road like glue. Oh and it a a lot quicker than my M3C for daily street use. The downside very tight in the back and no HUD.

Laat Optik is to hold on to the M3C another year and see if I like the new G82 M4.
One of the better comments I've seen here. Get out there & experience all the options on offer. If you can't afford something better or it doesn't suit entirely then so be it, that doesn't mean you need to make an argument for why what you chose is better. Sorry but brand loyalty (fanboys) equates to nothing more than inexperience & lack of knowledge imo. For the record if it were a financial option for me presently I'd take the Alpine, then the Cayman then the M2, & I own an M2!. Oh & I've driven the TTRS & its a brilliant car imo.
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