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Those gear ratios on the GT4 tho. Deal breaker if street driving.
It really is. And if you listen closely on some of the reviews (check out the recent Throttle House comparison of GT4 vs Spyder), the engine doesn't sound good/come alive on the last gen or the new gen until over 5k. So you basically have 1 gear for any street driving, and it's first gear.

Doesn't change that the GT4 is a fabulous track car, and just an amazing mid-engined piece of work at a great price really for what it is. There's nothing bad about the car, and I'll want one badly until I get one in the garage, but when it comes to choices, usability, and non-track dedication, the CS won, and other choices also made their way above it and the GTS 4.0
You're getting a CS? Any ADM?