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If you expect any M2C owner to disavow their decision, you've lost your mind! Even a guy like Chris Harris feels the need to justify themselves. I've been down this road with many BMW drivers playing down my 1M as just hype. I write most of these off as jealous they didn't buy one.

I had a OG M2 and loved it. Was it worth $15k more then my 1M, yes it was. Do I believe the CS will be worth the extra $25k, yes. You can't pull up to any stop light without seeing 3 other BMW's so for me, exclusivity is worth some amount of money even if it just car people who recognize it.

I had a beautiful E30 M3 that most people thought was just another old BMW, but to car people it was an event and that is kind of fun. NC DMV valued that car at $2,200. Last time I saw it sell it went for $60K. Worth it? I'm sure it was to the guy that bought it.

I'd say buying cars for most of us on this site requires two things, first you have to have a passion for that car and see something you love in it. Secondly, you must have the money and the timing must be right. I planned the purchase of my 135 perfectly timing wise to get a 1M. I did the same thing with the lease of my M4 and purchase of my M2 to get the M2 CS.

Tothe lucky few that get one, yes it will be worth it, to anybody else, no it won't be it's likely that simple.
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