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Originally Posted by medphysdave View Post
That's why I don't understand a lot of the reviews. It's a strong testament to the m2 variants that they are put up against legit 2 seat sports cars. It's a further feather in the cap of BMW that the CS is able to compete with the cayman on track in factory form. A car that can legitimately carry 4 adults and groceries be compared to a 2 seat purpose built sports car.
I have to somewhat disagree here? Maybe more devil's advocate?

What do we know about the M2? It's BMWs most sporting vehicle and one of the lightest they make. The M2 CS is the most track oriented, and focused car BMW makes right now. They pulled out all the stops.
The M2 CS can do a decent job keeping up with the GTS because it boasts materially better power figures - nearly 100 more horsepower and right around 100 more lb-ft torque along with it (based on the recent dyno). Plus a DCT transmission vs a much slower manual in the GTS. We already know that the M2 CS having around 85 more hp and same 100 more lb-ft torque vs the GT4 is considerably slower and that's with the GT4 not yet having the best dual-clutch transmission available on the market in it yet. So it takes the M2 CS considerably more just to keep up with what isn't even the top range of the Cayman line, unlike the CS which is far closer to maxed out than either the GTS or GT4 is/are.

At the same time, the argument could also be steered towards the angle that there are more luxurious, more spacious cars like the Panamera turbo or M5C that not only do the practicality & people carrying thing, and luxury better, but also are much faster in just about any scenario than the much more focused M2 CS or many sports cars. The Panamera turbo which weighs 4600 lbs is faster than any M car BMW current makes (or has made incl the M4 GTS) but also many super cars.

I think the point is, you can surely get into some sedans that are fast - faster than sports and super cars because they boast much more power to make up for it but will never evoke the same experience.

At the same time, do you think you're going to care when you get your M2 CS that a big, 4200 lb M8 Competition or M5 Competition can beat you at the track given they have massive amounts more power (same thing as the M2 CS vs 718 GTS)? No, because the M2 CS will be much more fun at doing it, just like I think they said here - the GTS was just a more emotional and best driver's car, and those are aspects that you can't make up with power and torque figures.