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Originally Posted by robertm View Post
What was it you were hoping would be conveyed?

I actually think the video pretty accurately reflects what BMW was hoping to accomplish. If someone wants a serious track prepped M2 the CS isn't the way to go. The $25k additional cost would be much better spent on a real suspension, lighter wheels, better brakes for track use etc etc.

I feel like the CS is for a person that wants an M2 but wants all the coolest components available. Carbon fiber roof, carbon fiber hood, wheel/brake package, adjustable susp, interior changes all bad azz.

There are obviously exceptions to the rule but vast majority of M2CS owners are buying the car because it looks so dam good, not because it's x.xx seconds faster around their local track.
I was hoping for a more "clubsporty" experience, worthy of the CS moniker. Meaning, a more hardcore OEM++ if you'd like without losing the warranty. BMW's own "GT3-like" car.

My current M3, engine-tuned mildly and running Ohlins suspension, is a very capable and exciting car. I track my car. I was hoping the M2 CS might capture the same excitement, with a full OEM warranty (and the lovely CF bits don't hurt).

So yes, probably not for me.

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