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Another update after having swapped my tires from winters to summers. Brand new set of PS4S went under the car and I swapped around some winter tires. I now have the new set I bought earlier this year on my stock M wheels and an old set of winters for sale if anyone in Europe is interested. The FI-R's are running the PS4S now.

Next to this received my CTEK battery charger and only need to install it on the car. That is also sorted for the time I am gone. Easy.

Third thing is more crap, and has all to do with the hydraulic lifters. The S55 engine in my car has run 35K km right now and since about 3 to 4K km I have an interesting noise under the bonnet. The car has been standing still throughout October/November and February for a number of weeks. It moved and ran, but it never did long journeys. It was mainly moved within a showroom and storage.

The engine noise is heard on the top of the block. Removing the engine cover doesn't change the sound level. It is like at the end of the block and inside the head of the engine. The noise comes and goes after you start up the engine. It is not like every start up has it, and it is not like every day you have it. If it happens the noise is most noticeable around 50 to 65 degrees and then slowly disappears after which you don't hear it anymore over 105 degrees, which is operating temperature.

Interesting bit is that when I took the car from Prague to the Netherlands on a long run of more than 5 to 6 hours the noise is gone for at least 1-1.5 weeks. It comes back because the car is driven more on shorter stretches right now of max 30 minutes. Engine and the car operate normally. No other issues have happened. Nothing out of the ordinary.

What could be? Yes, it are the hydraulic lifters. Annoyingly. I did a bit of research and found out the car just had stood still too long, did not drive much and definitely not hard enough. BMW engines hey.... Lovely. We have now added an addictive with the oil in the engine to see if it helps against the noise. I drove higher revs for about an hour, screaming the shit out of everyone on the highway but OK at least the exhaust also had the time of its life.

All in all nothing too much to report. No track time, but enough time to drive my car freely here around town. You can do more here than in other countries. Few more little adjustments I want to make and then when the time is right, it is all about starting the Topaz Skin process.