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Originally Posted by andrewc89 View Post
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I have the Euro switch also, that wasn't a problem, they gave me the car back with an error for the switch, since the vehicle software updated to the original, non-Euro switch mapping and didn't say anything, so wasn't an issue.

I can't speak on the PDC switch or the M1/M2 buttons but I'm going to assume those wouldn't be an issue either.

However, the iDrive controller has its own, unique control unit, so is the iDrive itself and HVAC unit.

Think, any part with it's own control unit needs to be original, factory unit.

So something like the instrument cluster would have its own control unit, so that would also fall under this category.

I hope this makes sense to you.
Yup, that makes a lot of sense. Thanks for the explanation.

Side note: I had the car in for service work with all my coding and mods recently (faulty eccentric shaft actuator) and there wasn't any issue having the part replaced. I guess there wasn't a software update needed, or they were able to only update the required module and didn't have to wipe everything.
Some dealers don't bother updating the software after replacing the part, which is the proper sanctioned procedure by BMW, or else the fault lingers in the vehicle's EEPROM.

For instance, BMW of Freeport in Long Island NY, replaced the controller and did not program it.

So when I got home and I ran the ISTA+ program and it was still showing an error. I went back to them and explain that vehicle is showing error and they need to program it properly to the replacement controller. They looked at me liked I had a third ass cheek, confused

So I when to the dealer I originally purchased my vehicle, BMW of Ramsey in NJ, formally Prestige BMW and they did the proper programming and cleared the error.

Long story longer, all dealers are not the same, some do ghetto work and send you on your way. If I wasn't this anal, I probably wouldn't of noticed but that's who I am.
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