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Originally Posted by andrewc89 View Post
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You can buy a used M2 cluster and just keep it, you don't even need to recode it. Just match the original part number.

So if they ever need to do any programming, you need reinstall it before they complete the process.

There are a couple of threads on the subject in the M4 section, when I locate them, I'll PM them to you so you can read up.
Since you mentioned the same issue with your idrive controller I'm wondering if the same potential issue could arise with my euro fog light switch, Illuminated M1/M2 button panel and the rear parking sensor switch.
I have the Euro switch also, that wasn't a problem, they gave me the car back with an error for the switch, since the vehicle software update reverted it back the original, non-Euro switch mapping and didn't say anything, so wasn't an issue.

I can't speak on the PDC switch or the M1/M2 buttons but I'm going to assume those wouldn't be an issue either.

However, the iDrive controller has its own, unique control unit, so is the iDrive itself and HVAC unit.

Think, any part with it's own control unit needs to be original, factory unit.

So something like the instrument cluster would have its own control unit, so that would also fall under this category.

I hope this makes sense to you.