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Don't sweat it Andrew, you live and you learn; I grew up on Hondas where you can go to Home Depot and fix the entire car with Sheetrock screws #TheGhettoWay

I so wasn't aware that if I had swapped my iDrive controller with a ceramic version, it would be a problem.

So I sold my original iDrive controller for a $100 not knowing it would be an issue, when I required any repairs on my vehicle.

However, most if not all replacement parts on a BMW requires the dealer the to update the entire iLevel version, in order it to sync with the new part. Which, if you don't have the original factory hardware, the dealer's system would outright reject the programing and they you get that call from your dealer.

Check the photos below, when I had swap the controller with the ceramic version, which I loved to death, they couldn't program my (unrelated) replacement controller. I had to purchase the original controller that came with the vehicle and take it back to them.

It sucks but it's what it is..
Curious if I could hypothetically use a used/cheap ebay cluster in the event I needed to source one, or if it would have to be brand new
You can buy a used M2 cluster and just keep it, you don't even need to recode it. Just match the original part number.

So if they ever need to do any programming, you need reinstall it before they complete the process.

There are a couple of threads on the subject in the M4 section, when I locate them, I'll PM them to you so you can read up.