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New year new update and a lot to mention... The world is busy for me so I am not always able to update myself and check the forum. Therefore I choose this Saturday evening to make a bit of an update.

First of all, my car has gone to Topaz Detailing London. Over the coming weeks there will be a video with more information on what we did to the car. The main things were a Level 2 detail, replaced the front PPF and we fixed a little dent on the right rear quarter.

The guys also improved the look of my center cluster. The cluster is so hard to keep clean and without scratches that I gave up hope. Still the guys at Topaz polished it and it almost looks as good as new. It is amazing. Really happy with it.

Other than that, the car got a proper treatment and now looks really decent, but with the weather in Europe right now detailing is not the most rewarding work in the world. All in all, I could not have hoped for a better set up. One thing however was a bit of a fail... People that might have seen my message on the Facebook groups know what happened.

While visiting Berry BMW to collect the M8 GC 1 of 8 for Shmee150, I reversed into a parking spot and a stone got stuck between my right front caliper and the BBS FI R wheel. I was like W T F is that noise. I then looked at the wheel when I had parked and I was like so pissed I had a blond moment thinking the caliper had touched the wheel, which is not possible. Still I was like .

The guys at Topaz helped out massively and got it repaired and repainted via their external partner. The only issue is now the following. I have spoken to BBS and the damaged wheel has to be replaced. I cannot use it again until further notice, because the barrel is only 4 mm thick. I can drive normally on highways, but no high speed or track use. Arrrghhhh... I have ordered a new wheel accordingly. Damn it! This should not happen anymore, because I only need one salon table made out of a FI R not more.

Next to this, I have decided to deal with this situation and get the AP Racing kit that is offered by Essex Parts Services. I will go to a 380mm disc and achieve more space between the caliper and the wheel. I am not gonna deal with this again and I will safe even more weight! It is what it is... Just need to see how I will paint the calipers to match them.

This was my last point of this update. My car now weighs 50 kgs less as we know and I will continue to make it lighter. Let's see if I can reach 100 kgs of weight saving without touching the interior. For now I am waiting for the M2 CS carbon bonnet and M Performance carbon trunk, and then the project is finished off with the Topaz Skin treatment I hinted at a few months ago.

So that is the whole update for today! Any questions, let me know...

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