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Originally Posted by F87source View Post
That's an extremely difficult question as this varies alot depending on climate, altitude, driving style etc. Anyone who had a magical number for you would likely be lying imo as this is hugely variable per car.

First my question is:
What's your power goals, and what are your cooling mods? Because the stock cooling system can barely keep a stock tuned car cool under track conditions.

In regards to iats as you increase boost iat's will rise with it, in order to get a hp gain without too much additional iats get an upgraded turbo that can flow more air at a lower boost which can translate to more power without or even an iat drop.

You'll likely need a larger oil cooler and radiator with a tuned setup for consistent performance in 30įC + weather during the summer, you likely won't need a custom setup untill you upgrade the turbo past stage 1 all though this can vary. You probably won't need an air to water intercooler setup, meth would be helpful but you likely won't need that either with ethanol, since higher octane fuels helps combat high iat's. Just check your logs and see if iat's cause timing to be pulled, it shouldn't happen when running E30, although your hpfp can crash on the track.

It's possible if you get a really large turbo that runs lower boost, your iat's post intercooler will be lower than running a smaller turbo at high boost and out of it's efficiency range and the power will be the same in both cases. However more power means more heat and you'll run into cooling system issues.
The later pages in my two threads below have some details, including some of your previous thoughts:

If I could get another 40-50whp reliably on track, Iíd be pretty damn happy. Altho, I donít have much appetite right now to go with custom cooling mods, so Iím still trying to determine the best path.

I guess the only real path is to add the power and see what happens. Just feels like Iíll still be screwed when it comes to cooling.