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Originally Posted by F87source View Post
No probs!
Just remember anytime you're running ethanol you're susceptible to ethanol related wear and tear from a lack of lubrication, regardless of concentration. You also have to remember to run fuel stabilizer.

You can also get an Ethanol sensor to ensure you get the correct ethanol mix (well close to since it's actually a hydroscopic sensor)

In regards to the dinan turbo you probably won't see too much gain from E35-E50 just better in cylinder combustion temps.
Follow up question for you, Sir:

For hot summer days at the track, where do you think the larger turbo, boost, Emix, and IAT balance is in terms of additional HP over my current setup (BM3 Stg 2 E30, Dinan turbo, Wagner Evo II Comp, HJS 300-cell DP)?

Overall, can I really expect much of a consistent HP gain on track in the summer without additional IATs?

Or, am I still stuck with doing Meth, custom oil cooler, larger FMIC, and/or custom liquid to air IC no matter what?

It would be great to add “more efficient” power, but it seems wishful that higher HP won’t yield higher IATs.