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Originally Posted by Anthony1s View Post
If the tune is provided as safe for the general population, then it is in fact the tuner's fault as they provided something unsafe for the general population.

Also, I wouldn't automatically attribute it to "bad winter gas" as air density is quite different in the winter. Cooler air is more dense, and more dense air needs more fuel. Nor attribute it to the tune adding more boost and timing in winter (because the logs show the same boost and timing across seasons)
Yeah I didn't see your logs, so I'm just saying what it could possibly be since i can't open datazap or bm3 logs properly on mobile so I couldn't take a look. For example if your car was pulling timing and boost during the summer and all of a sudden iat's are low enough it no longer knocks then it can utilize more boost than the summer requiring more fuel. But in your case that's not it.

Take a look at your MAF data and see how much more air the MAF sees in the winter vs the summer. Also was your hpfp psi extremely close to it's targets during the summer? Because like you said increased air density during the winter could be enough to crash the hpfp if it was already struggling in the summer.

Bad fuel has always caused my sti to run leaner than normal until it deviated so far I would get weird fuel dumps. I'm just pointing this out since it was always a route of my problems in my sti days, again I'm not a tuner so a real tuner would be able to provide the best advice I'm just here to chime in with what I know and I do make mistakes.

I still would not say it's the tuners fault, the map ran fine in the summer and now conditions changed it is having issues. You can't really expect alot from an ots map made for a wide range of cars. That's generally why I stay far away from canned tunes, there's no such thing as one size fits all while trying to push the envelope. The only one sized fits all tune is the stock one since it factors in all the hardware for all conditions.
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