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Originally Posted by Anthony1s View Post
Sounds more like Halim needs to redo the tune. I messaged him but haven't heard anything back.
I wouldn't says it's the tuners fault, bad winter gas is normal your tune just doesn't account for it. During winter you should probably run a less agressive map to account for poor fuel quality, unless you have access to really consistent fuel.

It is more likely to be because IAT's dropped in the winter vs. summer allowing you to run more timing and boost which the car doesn't see in the summer since IAT's are high the car pulls timing and boost. So the increased boost and timing on the winter will require more fuel causing your hpfp to crash.

Bad fuel can also be a part of it since the additives also can make the car run a bit leaner requiring more fuel and thus putting more strain on the hpfp. My sti used to run alot leaner on winter gas blends vs. husky who sold consistent gas, and this was the result all year round.
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