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Originally Posted by ZM2 View Post

Hearing all this, Iíll probably just run E47-48 (half E10, half E85) so I donít have to constantly calc Emix amounts when filling up, or take extra lubrication precautions if using full E85. I know ethanol concentration varies in E85, so some safety would be baked into any custom tunes I do.

For now Iíll upgrade the HPFP and continue to run the BM3 Stg 2 E30 map with my Dinan turbo so I can run E47-48 year round.

Maybe later this year Iíll upgrade the turbo and then do a couple custom tunes: one for the street with max power and good for a few pulls, and one for the track thatís dialed back to help keep IATs in check.

It sounds like Dorch or Spool Stage 1 HPFPís will be good enough for this plan, but if Stage 2 is only a couple hundred bucks more Iíll jump on one of those.
No probs!
Just remember anytime you're running ethanol you're susceptible to ethanol related wear and tear from a lack of lubrication, regardless of concentration. You also have to remember to run fuel stabilizer.

You can also get an Ethanol sensor to ensure you get the correct ethanol mix (well close to since it's actually a hydroscopic sensor)

In regards to the dinan turbo you probably won't see too much gain from E35-E50 just better in cylinder combustion temps.
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