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I have an OG M2 (2017) and am on my 2nd set of MP4S, stock tire sizes and stock wheels.

When new / with less than 5k miles on the MP4S, breaking traction was kinda hard but not impossible with some extra throttle. The issue was MDM would cut the throttle too much. Still doable on those fun 90 degree kick out turns, but kinda restrictive.

My car does have some extra torque over stock, not sure if yours is stock or not, so it may not make the same difference but I have a suggestion that could help.

Recently (November) I took my M2 in for some warranty work which resulted in a software update; there's a big thread somewhere on this forum about this update.

One of the changes is how MDM functions - it allows a lot more wheelspin under acceleration. My first slow "fun" turn after the update was a lot more back-end kick out than I recall prior to the update by a mile! (Which I wasn't expecting so that was fun!)

The issue that required the update was a 6MT software issue which would cause the car to stall with a lunge forward as if you let the clutch out without giving gas, but it actually occurs while clutch pedal is fully depressed and car is idling, such as at a red light. BMW has a bulletin on this issue and the fix is the software update.

That issue only happened once on my car, and wasn't reproducible but they did the update anyway.

Beyond that, mods that increase low end torque are the answer to breaking traction

Or just buy slightly used tires instead of new ones.

Also +1 for the tire pressure mention above. Slightly higher pressures will be more condusive to lower grip, while lower pressure helps with better grip.