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Took off last Tuesday and Wednesday, was able to get solid lifts in Thursday-Saturday. Drove back down to Charleston Saturday night into Sunday, so I took Sunday off.

Literally exhausted of eating so much over the break. Even though I've been hungry the last two days I just don't want to eat anything, no appetite lol. So I guess I'll be starting a cut for the hell of it.

Yesterday was back/tri and today was shoulder/bi. Both days solid, good lifts all around. Following my lifts I've been throwing on my sweatshirt and hitting cardio pretty hard just to get some sweat out. Feel like I'm holding a lot of water (too much salt the last week), so I've been trying to dissapate that. Already feel a lot better after two days, probably lost 5lbs no lie haha.

Anyways we will see how the cut goes, I usually call it quits after about a week because I'm fairly lean now, but going to push myself a little bit. 9 months until the wedding, need to start formulating a plan on how I want to look that day hahaha.