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Originally Posted by ROASTM View Post
Dropped my car at the PPF installer this morning for full XPEL ultimate wrap, and unfortunately got some bad news (always has to be something, right?).

See the pics below, but the PPF installer calls me and lets me know that there is some damage to the paint that was hidden behind the ED front license plate (which I had requested my dealer to remain ON the car if it in fact showed up from the VDC with it still installed w/ the 3M double sided tape).

The installer is very reputable in my area, and stressed that the damage was not caused from the adhesive or during removal of the plate, and they are pretty certain it must've been there before the ED plate was even mounted at the Welt/Leipzig. It's as if the car bumped into something before the plate was on, and they mounted the plate anyway without fixing it, or it bumped something during the transportation process, presumably multiple times, that caused the front ED plate to grind against the paint through the clear coat and paint down to the what I assume is plastic.

Attachment 2191493

Obviously it's not the end of the world, and unlikely the car was in some significant incident, but certainly not thrilled with the hoops I'm going to need to jump through to get this taken care of. It's been 14 days since I picked the car up for re-delivery, and in that time it's accrued 15 miles (1.5 miles home from dealer at re-delivery and 13.5 miles from home to the PPF installer), and the car came in contact with no other cars or foreign objects in that time, or during the miles I put on the car during the ED trip.

I've reached out to the main BMW ED email address to obtain information regarding what the original "minor trim damage" related to, and to get an understanding for what my next steps should be. I am pretty much 100% against having the bumper refinished and then resprayed, which would presumably need to be blended into the left front fender and/or the hood, and I don't trust a typical body shop to be able to blend LBB paint all that well. I guess leaves me with wanting a pre-painted new bumper in LBB shipped to St. Louis and installed at the BMW dealership, but who knows if this will be something I can get them to do to make things right - my understanding is that the plastic bumpers and trim bits are painted separately from the rest of the metal body anyway, but I could be wrong.

Obviously these are first world problems, and I feel like an entitled a**hole in some ways, but then again - this was a brand new $65k vehicle, and $70k if you throw in the PPF that's in process of being installed, so it's hard for me to just let it go. I also reached out to my SA at the dealership, who was understanding and as helpful as he could be, and mentioned he'd make some calls and see what he can do.

Will report back with any updates on how BMW or the dealership is going to address the issue.
I think you're more likely to get a brand new car than a new bumper that's factory painted.

One way or another your bumper will need to get painted. They may not need to blend.

More bad news though, you don't want to ppf anything freshly non factory painted. Factory heats up the painted surface enough to off gasses quickly. A non factory paint job the clear will still be curing for a while and if you ppf too early then it will rip the clear off if the ppf is removed. Wait at least 30 days after it's painted. More time if the car is in a cold environment.