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Originally Posted by jimp View Post
I have 718 Cayman GTS manual and the M2C manual. The GTS is definitely more focused and more of a real sports car. The manual is better too, even though the clutch is heavier, which is annoying. I do like the GTS, but it's so buttoned down, does everything so well, that it comes off clinical or sterile. It's all business and no play kinda. The M2C is playful and is a nice daily driver. It makes you want to be devilish. The GT4 and M2C will have enough contrasts.

I have 2018 Audi TTRS and that engine is amazing. Kinda like a mini 911 turbo. Makes you drive like a dick,lol.

I'm planning on trading in the TTRS and the GTS for a new 992 911S manual next year.
How is the engine in the GTS, especially compared to the S55 in the M2C?

Do you think a clutch pedal (UCP) and short-shift kit on the M2C would improve the 6MT enough to be close?