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Originally Posted by Malakas View Post
Just a point of reference... It seems the throttle adaptations are different depending on mode. I've been driving more in Sport when I'm in traffic and now, two weeks later, the lagging throttle has returned. I'm only using sport+ when I can hammer on the car, and it's still snappy. Just something to think about ... Probably will need to do the reset at least once a month.

A buddy is a master tech and he didn't think there was any issue doing the reset over and over. Fuel econ may suffer, but... So what
I think throttle adaption is mode dependent

Had to do the reset procedure for Stock/M1/M2 mode for all of them to feel fresh

Those who don't complain probably only enable the "Sport Setup M1/M2" configuration on empty roads and revert to stock basic for daily driving.

Start & Stop Traffic, long queues and just city driving are what fucks it up.