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Originally Posted by Cannondale900 View Post
That is a crazy short turnaround time, as you noted. Congrats!
Thanks! Still crazy to me that I just happened to see your car at the Munich drop off - what are the chances.

Originally Posted by somberlaine View Post
congrats on the purchase! mine is identical to yours. I did ED in early June. I know the wait is very frustrating once you drop off the car. I too was lucky. My car was dropped off at Munich airport on 6/14 and it arrived at the dealer on 7/16. 32 days!
That is a super short timeline! Probably the quickest turnaround I've read about through the various forums. The wait was miserable but I wouldn't change a thing and would do ED all over again (hopefully in the next couple years when the wife gets a new ride) - though I would probably wrap the bumper and part of the hood with something to prevent any chips in Germany prior to PPF when returning home.

Originally Posted by Thescout13 View Post
Congrats! I did ED at the end of August/early September and dropped mine off 9/4. It hit port in Cali on 10/17. Got to dealer on 11/14.
Thanks - hope you are enjoying the car!

Originally Posted by brandontrek View Post
You took delivery the day before we did! Ours will also be sharing garage space with an E46M

My friends who were with us also live in the STL area.
That's awesome! Absolutely beautiful LSB - when I was searching for my E46M about 10 years ago, I waited a year for the right LSB one to surface, but it sadly never happened - got impatient and settled with a Jet Black CPO with lots of Dinan goodies. If only the M2C was eligible for individual paint colors... mine would most definitely have been painted LSB.

Also - that's awesome that you were there with some STL folks! Hopefully I'll see them around town or at the local C&Cs next spring - there surprisingly aren't too many M2C's driving around here, so the chances are good.

Originally Posted by ChrisRoman View Post
I decided to take a drive to the dealership to find mine sitting on the lot with the ED Plates still on. Just sucks BMW Special Sales and my dealership couldn't communicate with me the status of my car or let me know it arrived. But it only took 10 weeks
That is pretty unbelievable that they didn't let you know the second it arrived - though, maybe it did just show up the day you took the drive up there? Either way, congrats and glad it made it home!!