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Originally Posted by SOM_M2C44 View Post
So I am toying with the idea of adding a 981 GT4 to my small stable of cars. The opportunity has presented itself so I am looking for opinions. Is it silly to have both?? I wanted a 718 GT4 but, I would have to let the M2C go and IDK how I feel about. It is mostly my daily and I would not want to daily the 718 so there's that. I think there are a couple guys on here with both so I'd greatly appreciate the feedback. Maybe I focus those funds somewhere else....or maybe I just say screw it and get it LOL...
Not silly at all

Originally Posted by ufgtrs2007 View Post
ive got a 991.2 GT3 and a M2 Competition (my daily driver). Love the differences between the two. A GT4 will be different enough if you wanted to add it in addition to the M2.
Agreed.. I have the same combo and feel there is enough contrast. Perfect combo to me
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