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Originally Posted by xswesx View Post

Calm down buddy. Obvious you have some kind of agenda you want to take out on me.

You also dont know my situation. My car was damaged in transport, and bmw isnt telling me shit. How would you feel if the company you just bought your expensive new car leaves you in the dark? Its substantial enough that it takes 3 weeks+ to fix.

some people....
Obviously you didn't read his post. He apologized. Take it for what it is. I can tell that you're new to the forum and maybe to BMW. This guy is straight up. A veteran that's probably seen more things than we think about. I get it. I'm one too. I'm telling you this because we hate stupidity and incompetence as much or more than you probably do. Your car will be here before you know it. Be glad you can have the problem of waiting for your car. I saw my first one when I lived in Germany back in the early 70's. I was 13 at the time. I bought my first one at 49 years old. I love the brand. And we all have to admit. It's not like we are buying a McLaren. If it's really an issue go talk to the dealership and tell them you don't want the car. Go buy something else that will make you happy.