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ED and Final Re-Delivery Experience

The seemingly never ending wait for the car to be re-delivered after the ED experience is finally over and my car arrived at the local dealership yesterday afternoon!

Been looking forward to finally post my own thread covering my experience with the ED process, so here goes.

Summary of ED Timeline:
10/1 - Picked up car at Welt
10/9 - Dropped off car at Log-In-Out/BLG Logistics at Munich Airport
10/16 - Car scheduled to be put on RCC Europe and scheduled to leave Bremerhaven on this day
10/28 - Current estimated arrival date at Baltimore Port for customs and BMW's VDC
10/30 - Actual arrival at port of Baltimore
11/18 - Arrival at local dealership and took re-delivery

Part of the trip and experience were certainly stressful - from driving in traffic in crowded European cities (especially with Munich during Oktoberfest), to the unknowns of where the car is at any point in the transportation process to the USA - but all things considered, it truly was the trip of a lifetime. I recommend to anyone that may be on the fence with doing ED vs. standard ordering a car to spec/buying off the lot from current inventory should go with ED.

I plan on creating a full journal of my experience on the trip and tracking the car's progress with some minor modifications (mostly aesthetic) when I have some more time later on, but wanted to post something quick while I had a few minutes. As mentioned above, the waiting game was really hard towards the end, but in looking back, BMW estimated 6 - 8 weeks for re-delivery to the Midwest, and absent some minor damage during transport, it was looking like the car could have made it within just over 4 weeks. The last couple weeks were tough, and I actually had no idea it had even left the VDC, to be pleasantly surprised when I received a picture of the car at the dealer yesterday from my SA. If there's anyone in the St. Louis area that's considering an ED trip, I couldn't say enough good things about my experience with BMW of West St. Louis, who while was pretty new to coordinating an ED order, did a fabulous job every step of the way.

Attaching a couple pictures I received from the SA as well as a picture of the car in her new home with the E46M.
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