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I presume this isn't an issue with 6MT?
Does your 6MT have a throttle?
Well, to be fair, the issues is both a throttle and TCU learning for the DCT. In auto/DCT BMWs there is throttle learning but there is also transmission learning (i.e., the transmission computer learns how you drive and makes shifting point decisions based on that, thus potentially keeping you in a lower gear). With a manual, you don't have TCU learnings that artificially hold a lower gear, because, well, you are the one controlling the gear. Thus, for 6MT owners this issue is likely less pronounced. Though I would say after weeks of DD in heavy traffic, even in a MT, throttle learning could start to be noticeable on spirited drives.

That being said, as a disclaimer, I cannot recall with certainty if the above method is also the method for resetting the TCU as well (I seem to recall that it is, but am not 100% positive).
Should be for TCU too from what I remember