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Originally Posted by Harlequin_Forest View Post
I presume this isn't an issue with 6MT?
Pretty much every car manufactured over at least the last 10 years has this adaptive/learning strategy. There are several things in play, but the ECU is always adjusting parameters based on the driving situation and environment it sees to optimize drivability, emissions, fuel economy, power, etc, all while compensating for wear and aging. It really isnít a bad thing, and itís also necessary to maintain compliance over the life of the car.

A side effect is, that thereís only so much driving history going into the adaptation so if you only do light throttle, granny-shifted, A/C-on driving in 100F and then hammer on it on a cool morning, the first time or 2 it has to re-optimize and undo the damage you did by driving like grandma !

I have quite a bit of experience tuning Audiís 3.0T platform, and yes, there are people who will say things like ďI have a Stage 2 tune, and in sport mode, the power is great, but driving in traffic can be a bit nervous and twitchy. Iím going to remove the tune ď Most enthusiast board responses to that were WTF dude?! Take it outta sport, why did you tune, etc. Different strokes...and there has to be a mechanism to deal with it